Samsung Galaxy M51, the mobile with the largest battery seen in a Galaxy

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Nothing less than a 7,000 mAh battery is what mounts the mid-range M51.

Battery. Not the best camera, not the best screen, not 5G or anything. The battery is the most essential in a smartphone -and therefore in any electronic device-, and Samsung is taking it into account in its successful mid-range, which increasingly mounts larger batteries -which I hope we will also see in the Galaxy families S and Galaxy Note. The latest example of this is the new Galaxy M51, which has broken the record.

Samsung Galaxy M51: 7,000 mAh battery

In a mid-range that is increasingly blurred with the high-end, Samsung brings to Spain its Samsung Galaxy M51, a top-of-the-range smartphone that is growing in success in the Spanish market. The terminal has a frameless screen design and rounded corners, with a micro-perforated selfie camera in the panel, a 6.7-inch AMOLED Plus Infinity-O screen, and a quad back camera.

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Inside, the Galaxy M51 mounts a Snapdragon 730G processor and a 2.2 GHz octa-core CPU, positioning it as the most powerful M-range smartphone on the market. This processor allows greater autonomy to play for longer without charging since the mobile also mounts a 7,000 mAh battery that is the largest seen in a Samsung smartphone, and one of the largest in the current mobile phone market. The Galaxy M51 also includes an ultra-fast 25W charger that fully recharges the battery in less than 2 hours.


Samsung Galaxy M51 has a quad-camera arrangement, with a 64MP fundamental sensor; a 12MP super-wide point focal point with a 123-degree field of view; a 5MP macro lens for close-ups, and a 5MP depth lens for focused portraits. The mobile records video in 4K and supports Fast Motion, Slow Motion, and Super Steady mode. Its 32 MP front camera allows you to record in 4K and take selfies in slow motion.

The Samsung Galaxy M51 will hit the market in two colors: Black and White. Galaxy M51 is priced at $501. 

Samsung Galaxy M51, technical specifications


6.7-inch Super AMOLED Plus

Ratio 20: 9, 

Full HD + at 2,400 x 1,080


163 x 78 x 8.5 mm

213 grams


Snapdragon 730G 2.2GHz

Adreno 618 GPU


6GB / 128GB

MicroSD up to 512GB


32 megapixels f / 2.2



Main: 64 megapixels f / 1.8

Super wide-angle: 12 megapixels f / 2.2

Macro: 5 megapixels f / 2.4

Bokeh: 5 megapixels f / 2.4


7,000 mAh

25W fast charge


 Android 10

One UI 2.1



Dual SIM 4G

WiFi 5

Bluetooth 5.0

USB type C 2.0

Headphone jack

GPS / GLONASS / Beidou / Galileo

NFC chip


Fingerprint reader on the side



Classic and resistant design

It cannot be said that this Samsung Galaxy M51 is innovative in terms of design since we are facing a phone that may look like any other except because it has the word "Samsung" printed on the back. The phones have been progressively resembling each other and that is especially noticeable in the cheaper ranges, and the Galaxy M51 is exactly the same. The front is almost entirely for the screen and the back is made of a plastic that is quite resistant to fingerprints.

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The design is quite classic with the physical button panel on the left side, although with a fingerprint reader on the power button, which causes the button to sink into the frame. In the left frame, we have the tray for the microSD and the SIM, the upper part is completely clear, and below we have the USB C port, the headphone jack (with FM radio), and the phone speaker. Everything quite symmetrical, it must be said, including a screen that leaves very little chin at the bottom and appears completely centered, although it really is not.

At 163 millimeters high and 213 grams in weight, Samsung's Galaxy M51 is not a compact or lightweight phone, but it is very balanced. The device does not become heavy by having it a lot in the hand and the coupling of all its parts is very successful. Perhaps the only "imperfection" here, to call it something, is that the screen does not die invisibly on the phone frame and we have a slightly raised edge. It is not very pronounced but it is noticeable during use, especially if we use the gestures to handle this Android 10. Otherwise, the model feels robust and resistant, and the plastic here has a lot to do as it also avoids heat when we press the processor.

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More power and performance than expected

This Samsung Galaxy M51 does not have the most powerful mid-range processor of the moment but its performance has been quite satisfactory during our tests. We are talking about a Snapdragon 730G, with the 'gaming' label hanging from the jacket and supported by 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal space. Without a doubt, a success that Samsung has opted for Qualcomm instead of its mid-range Exynos, the phone (and also us) has come out ahead.

During day-to-day use of the Samsung, Galaxy M51 is quite fluid. We have not had jams or frame drops while handling the interface, and multitasking behaves quite competently with the classic lags when recovering very heavy apps or games. The most common apps such as messaging, social networks, navigation, and others run very smoothly, without giving the feeling that we are dealing with a phone in the middle, perhaps medium-low, range of market performance.

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Going to heavier titles is not a problem either, because once we save the time somewhat slower loading the fluidity is maintained. Probably Game Launcher, the software to enhance games from Samsung, has a lot to do with the latter. In exchange for a little more spending on battery, the phone is ready to perform like the best and this Galaxy M51 has been able to run, without coughing, really demanding games in FullHD resolution such as Genshin Impact, Asphalt, or Clash Royale. But as we will see now, autonomy is not a problem.

We leave you with the performance tests of the Samsung Galaxy M51:

As we have said, autonomy is not a problem with a phone that manages an internal 7,000 mAh battery that has offered us, in various tests, screen uses greater than 9 and 10 hours with three days of use. An outstanding autonomy that is also combined with a fast charge of 25W that allows you to charge the phone from 0 to 100 in just two hours. To round off the experience we would have asked for wireless charging, but it is not abundant in these price ranges. A battery, as we say, outstanding.

Special mention to a proprietary layer, One UI, which is becoming lighter and less expensive for terminals in terms of resources. The Samsung Galaxy M51 runs its version 2.1 on Android 10 and it is quite clean (if you forget the software package that Microsoft pre-installs yes or yes, naturally). Samsung has been improving its software year after year and this One UI 2.1 is already a long way from the Touchwiz that so bad, and deserved, fame had gained over time. In addition, it adds extra functions such as a multitude of gestures and settings that improve the phone compared to the stock version of Android.

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The Samsung Galaxy M51 battery is portentous

We already close the performance section talking about the side fingerprint reader of this Samsung Galaxy M51. Located above the power button of the phone, the reader has not given us a single recognition error even with slightly wet fingers, and the unlocking occurs quickly. Of course, if you want to improve efficiency, it is convenient to deactivate the protector against accidental button touches, since One UI 2.1 sometimes considers that a voluntary unlock may have been the opposite, and forces us to confirm the unlock by touching the screen.

Competent cameras with a macro that is not worth it

We finally land in the photographic section and this is where we have to look at what equipment the Samsung Galaxy M51 has mounted. For example, on the back, we find four sensors. 64 megapixels with f / 1.8 lens for the first, 12 megapixels with f / 2.2 super wide-angle lens for the second, 5 megapixels with f / 2.4 lens with a macro focus for the third, and 5 megapixels with f / 2.4 lens for depth readings. But let's start from the beginning, the app.

The Samsung Galaxy M51 camera app with all the functions hidden behind the 'More' tab

The camera application embedded in One UI 2.1 is the usual one that the South Korean brand has used to. An intuitive, simple app with direct access to the main functions and shooting modes. Initially, we have three: Dynamic Focus (which we all know as Portrait mode or selective blur mode), Photo (automatic), and Video, but in the More tab, in addition to Bixby Vision and AR Emoji, we find more shooting modes than we can. add to the lower carousel, such as Macro mode. The switch to the super wide-angle lens is permanently floating on the screen, so the experience is quite good.

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We get to the cameras and we have to analyze the behavior with light. Good focus and shooting speed, with good treatment of the edges of the objects and a somewhat high saturation but without getting in the way, very typical of general Samsung photography. We miss perhaps a somewhat better dynamic range management for photographs that share light and shadow, but the truth is that the main camera behaves quite well in the light. Scene recognition by AI is correct and we get quality photos in almost all situations.

We are in a mid-range phone so it is not surprising that the photography worsens as the light is absent, and the noise does not take long to manifest itself, perhaps a little sooner than in other phones in its price range. The focus is kept at a good speed, yes, although the shooting slows down and it is easier to capture shaky or shaky scenes. The Galaxy M51 behaves well with light sources and we hardly have any flares or flashes.

As we said, we have a camera for super wide-angle photography and the result is at the level we obtain with the main camera of the phone. Good color, a very soft effect on the edges that lets you know that the camera is different without being annoying, and here we do find better management of shadow areas. The shooting here is still fast and the change, which is done from the app, is quite fast.

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Macro photography forces noise to appear too early, and this mode of photography is somewhat hidden. Improvable.

The Galaxy M51 has a 5-megapixel camera dedicated exclusively to macro photography and that must be activated expressly. Its outcome, nonetheless, comes up short. The focus is erratic and it is difficult to know if we are going to get the photograph out of focus or not, in addition to applying processing algorithms that generate a lot of noise. For such a specific camera we may not use it as much as the others, but its performance could, and should, have been better.

Finally, before selfies, we have the dynamic blur mode, which Samsung calls 'Dynamic Focus', and here the Korean manufacturer brings out all its power. Over time, Samsung has been improving the processing of these photographs and already handles the different planes of a scene like no one else, without aberrations in colors or shapes, or artificially out of focus objects when not playing. A great job of software at this point, although without light it is more difficult to take advantage of it.

Selfies are almost always fine, although without light they become somewhat more complicated. But the blur effect is very good.

And as we said, selfies. With a fully software dynamic blur mode by having a single camera of, yes, 32 megapixels with f / 2.2 lens. Here we have good colors, edges, and a fast focusing and shooting speed. We have effects to add from the app itself and the camera behaves quite well even when there is not too much light, although in this last point it tends to raise the exposure too much, using the AI provided by Bixby.

Samsung Galaxy M51, the opinion of Engadget Mobile 

It is difficult to find phones in the medium-low price sector that have as many strengths and few weaknesses as this Samsung Galaxy M51. With it we obtain a quality screen without being the best on the market, a performance according to your brain although quite well managed (and supported by an increasingly polished layer) and camera equipment that, with its small grays, allows you to enjoy photographing.

There is no doubt, however, that its great appeal lies in an internal pile that is not only immense but also very well treated. Even with this volume of milliamps, it is not easy to obtain the number of hours of use that Samsung starts its Galaxy M51, and that it loads with a FullHD + screen that should, in theory, cut hours of the phone on. The battery is the most striking thing but it is not, by far, the only good thing that this Samsung Galaxy M51 offers.

In general, Samsung is becoming more and more competitive in the lower price ranges of the market and that is always something to welcome. Knowing that the brand is highly appreciated and that its marketing force is powerful, this Galaxy M51 can rise as one of the best-selling models in its manufacturer's catalog as soon as its price enters the market game. And it may not take long to do so.

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