10 things you should not do with your mobile

1- Do not update applications

If what you think is that your smartphone will slow down every time you update an application, forget it. In fact, every time your mobile asks you to update applications, you should do it since not only do the versions improve but sometimes they update errors from previous versions.

2- Do not use the screen lock

Not setting a security code or pattern lock can cost you dearly. The advantages are many. In the event of theft or loss, this will help prevent the person who has your mobile from using it or accessing personal files. Once lost you can lock the phone or try to locate it.

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3- Do not make backup copies

All stored files, photos, and data can disappear forever if you lose your phone or it breaks. This makes it almost essential today to keep your files always stored on a computer or other device where they are safe.

4- Store all data in the cloud

Similarly as keeping every one of our documents on a solitary versatile can be perilous, putting away all the information in a distributed storage administration like Dropbox or Google Drive can end seriously. Although it is not normal, these platforms could be hacked. Remember to use applications to increase security and make copies on physical media.

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5- Let your mobile download completely

Never let your mobile discharge completely, and therefore turn it off due to lack of battery. Always recharge it, and as a general rule before the battery level drops below 15% charge. This simple gesture will allow you to extend the life of the battery, and it will guarantee you optimal autonomy.

6- Never turn it off

It is advisable to turn off the equipment periodically, to avoid unnecessary wear of the components when we are not using it. Turn off your mobile regularly: for example, you can take advantage of your sleep hours to do so, even while you leave it recharging since the mobile will charge faster when it is off.

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7- Have WiFi and Bluetooth activated all the time

Having the WiFi and Bluetooth activated if you are not using it is a waste of battery. The best thing is to activate it only when we are going to need it. Currently, almost all mobile operating systems have the option to activate Wifi only when the equipment is in use.

8- Do not protect the screen

Lately what is carried is not to use housings or covers on phones, and leave the aesthetics of the mobile in view. It is advisable to at least consider protecting the screen with protective films that offer protection against scratches, splashes, and even breakage.

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9- Leave compromised photos in the gallery
We all receive at some point a photo compromised by WhatsApp that automatically becomes part of our gallery. So that they do not come out at times that may involve a commitment, you can change the settings of the applications with the goal that they don't turn out to be important for your display consequently.
10- Do not save your IMEI
The IMEI code is unique for each device, and when there is no alternative, the operator can access the equipment and lock it remotely. Although we will not recover the device, at least we will know that no one will have access to our personal files.
It is therefore advisable to keep it. This code appears on the device box, although if we do not keep it, we will get it by entering the following in the dialer: * # 06 #. The code that will appear on the screen is the IMEI. We recommend writing it down and saving it.

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