Facebook is a very popular social network. It is common to use it to share with friends and family, it has also become a window to socialize with people from different countries. Although it is obviously part of leisure activity, the truth is that it can be a means to earn easy money.

It is no secret to anyone that, when using Facebook, we spend many hours in front of the screen; either from the computer or from mobile devices. Due to the high traffic it has, it is useful to generate some extra money. Next, we will explain how to use Facebook to make free money.

How to make money with a Facebook page

It is possible to generate income, even if you do not have a business. Of course, having a personal profile can be difficult. For this reason, you should think of a target audience, and then create an account on the social network with that specific topic (a group). In this way, you can promote some companies that provide something related to the theme and thus earn money for each sale that is made. (You must reach an agreement before promoting them)

In this line of ideas, it is important to highlight that the promotion you give must be related to the topic, otherwise, the users of the group will lose interest in the page you created, for example, if you are going to share food recipes, then you can bridal advertising to a fast food place or restaurant. Instead, if you promote a rock group in a food group, you will confuse your audience.

Now, if you are very popular and with your personal profile you have a high number of friends, then you can mention the services of a company in your publications. It's incredible, but when I know it's very popular, people imitate the influencer's actions, so if you say you bought clothes in a place or went to a restaurant, surely your followers will want to go too. (You will have to contact a business and provide your services as a promoter)

There are other ways to make money with your Facebook, for example, you can make a sales group and sell second-hand products, also, you can sell as a mediator and earn a commission for each sale made. Another way to make money with the social network Facebook, register in an affiliate system of a company, such as Amazon, make a group and provide several articles with a convincing description. For every sale that is made, the affiliate platform will give you a percentage of profit.

How to make money on Facebook with videos

YouTube is not the only platform where you can share videos. Facebook is a social network with a lot of entertainment. So if you want to make money with this social network, you can use it as a YouTube complement. That is, if you already have a channel in which you explain a topic of interest, you should know that generating traffic (visits) is not so easy.

At this point, Facebook is much faster, since the videos you share appear on your friends' wall, therefore, it has greater visibility than on any multimedia platform.

Although obviously, you will not earn for each video played (as if it happens with YouTube) in the same way you can promote yourself, and hook a new audience. To attract attention, you must prepare videos, especially for Facebook. For example, if you have a 3 to 5-minute trivia channel, then you can make a 60-second promo video.

You may think this is a very short time, but large companies only take a minute to show their full potential, so be creative.

The above shows that Facebook will be like your place to advertise what you offer on YouTube, in this way you will direct traffic to the platform, where you will be paid for each video, played.

Can you make money on Facebook with likes?

There is currently a fever for having the most Likes in the publications. This has made, the question arises: can you make money with like? Well, the answer is: yes and no. We explain it to you. Likes are not in itself a monetary bonus, however, they can be turned into money if you use that popularity to your advantage.

With each like, a Facebook user sets the level of popularity, therefore, the more "I like" the more possibility there is of becoming an influencer gives you the possibility of being a brand promoter and thus earn money.

Now, companies that have a large amount of "likes" earn money because there are many people who recognize their quality, these types of reactions give them credibility. Therefore, it is a powerful weapon to promote yourself or even position yourself as a reputable company in the market.

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