How to know if your SIM card is damaged

The SIM card of your smartphone is a small plastic card that contains all the information of your user account and your contacts and ensures that your mobile connects to the ORANGE network correctly. It is not uncommon for in some cases your card to be damaged, wet, dirty, or simply that it has come off its clip.

How to check if it is damaged?

The first thing you should do is locate the SIM of your mobile. In phones where the battery can be removed, it is usually next to the microSD memory. In the latest generation mobiles, where it is impossible to remove the battery, the SIM is usually found on one side inside a removable tray. It is important that before checking anything you turn off the phone.

Once you have identified the SIM, you can now remove it. It is usually found on a metal clip. Gently lift or slide the SIM card up and out of the clip. Lately, smartphones come with an accessory to make them more comfortable.

Gently blow the slot where the SIM is located to remove any dirt or dust. You can use a paper napkin to dry the card if it shows signs of moisture.

If the SIM card is already clean and inserted correctly, the Smartphone should work correctly.

What if it still doesn't work?

1. Do a cross test: If the SIM still does not work and the phone shows one of the following three messages: "Insert SIM", "SIM error" or "SIM card rejected" you can verify that the problem is still with the SIM and not from your terminal, you can cross-test. Enter it in another mobile to see if it works correctly in that case. If it still doesn't work, you may need to replace it.

2. Keep an eye on the size of the SIM: There are SIM cards of different sizes to fit different phones. Make sure you have the correct card size for your terminal.

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