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As many of you will know, our Android for Beginners section is usually on Wednesdays. But since tomorrow night is All Saints' Night and for many also Halloween, we plan to make a special application. Therefore, we advance this section today with a topic that may be clear to many, but if we think deeply about it, not many really know what a tablet is or its functionality.

1. What is a tablet?

According to Wikipedia, a tablet is a kind of laptop that is larger than a smartphone and has a touch screen with which you interact through a stylus or your fingers. Therefore the physical keyboard or mouse is not necessary.

A tablet offers a number of advantages over a laptop. One of them is that due to its size it becomes more portable. Thanks to that we can use it more comfortably in some places where we could not use a laptop in the same way. This device allows us to surf the Internet, read and edit documents and also watch videos, photos, or listen to music.

2. Do you say tablet or tablet?

Here I have to say that a server has always made and refers to this device as a tablet. But, in reality, it is not the recommended term to do it, since it is an anglicism. The RAE, in fact, regards it as a tablet.

The term tablet is more used by technology magazines and blogs that we have become familiar with the English word. Instead, ordinary people use the word tablet.

3. Buy a tablet

Before thinking about buying a tablet, you should ask yourself if you really need one. Undoubtedly, a tablet is a great tool for both students and people with trades that require constant use of a computer. A tablet will allow us to read documents in various formats on our way to university or work, as well as check our emails and send some other last-minute work. Due to its size, it makes a great travel companion

Having a screen larger than that of a smartphone makes the gaming experience much better. So it can also become the ideal game console for your free time. Currently, on the market, there are tablets with very powerful processors, such as Tegra 3, which perfectly support heavy graphics.

4. Why doesn't my tablet have Google Play?

This question is one of the most recurrent in the Android world. The main problem with this was that Google did not manufacture tablets and those manufacturers that decided to include Android, needed to have a series of requirements to be granted the license to use Google Play. As more than one user did not have so much money to buy an ASUS or Samsung tablet, white brands were used and of course, they do not support the Google store.

Now times have changed and Google has released two Nexus tablets at a more than competitive price. So, personally, I would recommend when buying a tablet first take a look at the Nexus family. With this, I do not want to discredit the white brands, but it is true that something very important that a Nexus tablet offers compared to another is not only easy access to Google Play but also the latest version of Android, which can also be updated in a way very easy.

Undoubtedly, now is the best time to consider buying a tablet or well, perhaps waiting until Christmas. What do you think? At what times do you use your tablet? Is it a good tool for parents and grandparents?

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