How to install WhatsApp on iPad

Tutorial to use WhatsApp on your iOS tablet officially and without problems; the best tips and recommendations
Next, we are going to explain how to use WhatsApp on iPad, Apple's iOS tablet, just as if you were using the popular instant messaging app on iPhone, although in a somewhat peculiar way. And is that at present, there is no official version of the WhatsApp application for iPad since for now there is no compatibility of the app on various devices. For this reason, we offer you an ingenious trick with which to use WhatsApp officially without its own app, in addition to giving you valuable advice on other third-party apps for iPad that claim to be what they are not and that from we strongly discourage. Don't miss how to use WhatsApp on iPad.
How to use WhatsApp on iPad
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How to use official WhatsApp on iPad
If you want to use WhatsApp on the iPad, and in the absence of the official version of the WhatsApp application for iPad, you will have to resort to WhatsApp Web, the version for WhatsApp web browsers. To do this, you must access the iPad's internet browser (for example, Safari) and go to the official WhatsApp Web page. As usual, when accessing WhatsApp Web, a QR code will be displayed to link WhatsApp Web with the WhatsApp of your mobile. Follow the usual steps to log in to WhatsApp Web as if you were on your PC, although you must do it quickly before the QR code expires and you must start the process again by refreshing the page to obtain a new QR code.
How to install WhatsApp on iPad
Therefore, when the WhatsApp Web QR code is displayed on the iPad screen, go to the official WhatsApp app on your mobile where you have started your WhatsApp session. There, access the WhatsApp Web section through the Settings of the app by clicking on the icon with the three ellipses located in the upper right corner of the screen on Android and through Settings on the bottom bar on iPhone. In both cases you will see the WhatsApp Web option; click on it.
Now the QR code scanner will be displayed, as long as you do not already have your WhatsApp linked to another WhatsApp Web session on another device. Click on the Scan QR code option to start a new session on the iPad. In doing so, point the mobile camera at the QR code displayed on the iPad screen in WhatsApp Web; Remember that the code must be well framed on the mobile screen and that you have to do it quickly before the code expires.
How to install WhatsApp on iPad
Once scanned, you will log into WhatsApp Web from your WhatsApp account directly and you will be able to use WhatsApp from the iPad, although as we say, only through WhatsApp Web. Remember that everything you do on WhatsApp Web will also be reflected in your usual WhatsApp on your mobile and that the iPad cannot be far from the mobile so that the connection between both devices is not interrupted.
Finally, if you want to add a shortcut to your WhatsApp Web in the main menu of the iPad as if it were an app, you must press the Share button in Safari with the WhatsApp Web session started on the iPad. In the menu that opens, you must press the Add to home screen option to create a shortcut in the main iPad apps menu, in order to access it directly whenever you want to use WhatsApp through the iPad.
Tips on third-party apps based on WhatsApp
As we said, the official WhatsApp app is not available in the App Store for iPad, so there is no way to use WhatsApp on iPad except for the method that we have shown you in the previous section. Of course, if you search the term WhatsApp in the App Store, you will get numerous results from third-party applications that claim to offer the WhatsApp experience on iPad via the app. None of these apps is official, so we do not recommend their use under any circumstances.
How to install WhatsApp on iPad
And is that these apps, being not official, at most will allow you to use WhatsApp through WhatsApp Web in the same way as in the previous section, although through its own app; the problem is that the vast majority of these apps hinder the user experience with more steps and ads; Furthermore, in the worst case, it can be malicious apps that try to steal your personal data by asking for your phone number, something that we should never give to unknown or unofficial apps.
Therefore, if you want to use WhatsApp on your iPad, follow the steps in our tutorial to access your WhatsApp account through WhatsApp Web, just as you would on your PC.
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