Windows 10 will not receive big news until the end of 2021

Practically since the launch of Windows 10, we are seeing how the operating system is updated twice a year. The first of the updates, in spring, was focused on making big changes to the operating system, while the second was mainly a maintenance update, a small and fast update focused on fixing bugs. Until 2020 this has been the case. However, in 2021 things could change.

2021 is going to be a busy year for Microsoft. And much of the blame for this movement is the new operating system that will see the light of day: Windows 10X. This is one of the most anticipated operating systems since it will be optimized to work on computers with touch screens and, above all, with double screens. A system clearly focused on the future.

What happens is that it seems, Microsoft is beginning to accumulate maintenance work for operating systems. And therefore, you have to put an order.

Big update for Windows 10X; small for Windows 10

If all goes well, the new Windows 10X should reach the RTM version in December of this year. If so, the system could be ready for mass distribution by the spring of next year. And on that date would be just when we would have to receive Windows 10 21H1, the first update of the operating system, which should be the big one.

To avoid problems, Microsoft plans to change the type of updates, both for next year and for the following years, so that it will look like this:

Spring: Small update for Windows 10 and big for Windows 10X.

Fall: Big update for Windows 10, and no update for 10X.

At the moment, the company has not yet made any statements in this regard, although the truth is that it makes sense. What's more, we would bet that in 2021 Windows 10 receives two more or less big updates, since the spring one, 21H1, is almost finished within the Insider program. And the 21H2 could be one of the most important in the history of this operating system.

What big changes could we see in 2021

Although nothing is official yet, there are several rumors that point to a Windows 10 revolution next year. The first of them, and one of the most important, is that a radical change will come to the interface of the operating system. This change will see all elements of the interface, including the file manager, receive a revamp to include more "Modern Design", as well as much more modern and refined aspects and elements.

The second, which has started to be heard relatively recently, is the ability to run Android applications directly in Windows 10, natively. This could get the Microsoft Store off the ground and allow users to feel more comfortable with Windows 10, just as they are with their phones.

Neither of these two novelties has yet been tested, not even within the Insider program. Therefore, although it is easy for them to arrive in the second 2021 update to the operating system, we may also not see these changes until 2022. Specifically, until autumn 2022, when the big update of the operating system would arrive.

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