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Top 5 Best and FREE WordPress Themes 2020

Are you tired of looking for the best WordPress themes now you have come to the right place because today in this site I'm going to give you a complete list of the top 5 best WordPress themes of all time now I promise you if you read this article from start to finish you will find a WordPress theme that works for your website and it doesn't matter what kind of niche you're in we'll be talking about e-commerce real estate business etc so keep reading this article and I promise you you will find a theme that is perfect for your websites? 

Flotsam Theme

So first off is the flotsam theme now the flotsam theme is geared more specifically for e-commerce now I have taught complete beginners who know nothing about making websites how to use flat sum and people loved it now this comes with a drag-and-drop builder it has tons of positive reviews and they have tons and tons of demos and templates so here's an example of some of their shop demos right here so you can see there are a lot of beautiful demos now one thing I want to point out that makes this theme kind of stand out from other e-commerce theme is the flat sound library designing a website from scratch can be very difficult but when you have sections that are pre-built that are made specifically for e-commerce it is hard to beat that so for example right here let's say you want to introduce or add a full-page website you like I want a full-page website well just go ahead and import a template and you're all done let's say for instance you want to go ahead and put in a count on your website they have every single thing possible that you need for your e-commerce website so for a contact section they have all of these beautiful sections already made now I'm gonna actually give you a  website that someone actually read one of my videos and is now selling online and internationally by simply using the flotsam theme and this person doesn't know anything about web design.

So this is an example of someone who actually read one of my articles and is now making money right now on the Internet with the flotsam theme it's a great theme and I find that people just love it I mean it's simple it's easy to use it's clean the page speed is amazing it's really really fast so if you're looking to build an e-commerce website or just some ordinary websites this is the theme for you I highly recommend it so make sure to check out the flotsam theme.


Davi is the number one most popular WordPress theme in the world there is no other theme out there with more purchases and active installs than this theme now let me explain why so this theme is a full drag-and-drop builder this is the easiest page below to learn on this entire list so let's say for instance you want to add in some text you know is amazing or whatever you know and then you're like alright cool I put that in but I want to go ahead add some space right here so I'm gonna click here and go ahead and just add some space maybe right here I want to take this button and I want to move it right there etc and then we can go ahead and move the button around or even I can go ahead and clone it etc and just kind of drag this now this is the easiest drag-and-drop a jeweler to learn.

so I have a full tutorial on this and people love it, in fact, people read these article and they start full-scale web design businesses so if that's something that you want to achieve this the theme is perfect for you and it does have a life plan as well so many of the things that I'm talking about in this article don't have a lifetime plan unfortunately but this theme actually has a full life plan so that means if you buy it once you never have to pay for it ever again and I do have a special 20% discount in the description below so that is not enough for you to buy it then well we've got other things to talk about but again Divi is the most popular WordPress theme in the world and I find that it is the easiest one to learn on this entire list but let's not neglect the other ones because all these other themes are great as well.

Real Homes 

now this theme is perfect for real estate really I got a brain fart their real estate now this theme actually has tons of gadgets and widgets especially for real estate agents now if you are in real estate right now I bet you're wondering is this compatible with IDX yes let me say that again this theme is fully compatible with EDX and MLS integration if you have no idea what I'm talking about don't worry but for real estate agents this is fully compatible with IDX and MLS and it comes with some really nice templates unfortunately only comes with two but these are really nicely designed templates so this one is one right here and this is the other one so we have modern and classic I kinda like the classic better I feel like the modern real estate themes I don't know you can be the judge there but I do have a full tutorial on this one as well and real estate agents love it if you're building a real estate website for someone use this theme don't use Elementor doesn't use Divi use this one because this has a super-easy advanced search form and I've actually built it from scratch and it's so simple to use they have tons of header layouts just tons of different ways on how you can customize your website now this theme isn't a hundred percent customizable but if you are doing real estates you must use this theme because it's very simple to use has tons of features and it also uses the elements or page builder which is an easy simple drag-and-drop builder for WordPress so real estate agents make sure to check out the real home steam 


oh and that is not a porn name it's it's: oh here let me step back here the theme is called gecko and it's created by peeps oh now if you're looking to create like a social networking website or community website or something where people can come and engage and talk about I don't know what is the fantasy football or something like that this is the best theme for it because it is beautiful I mean just take a look at this demo right here so this is an example of how it will look on your website and for the love of God do not use BuddyPress do not use BB press that is old outdated crap you want the best of the best now I don't mean to say crap no offense the developer if you're watching this but this is actually just really really nice I mean look how clean this demo is right here so right here someone can post something it'll show up in their feed people can have groups you can have classified ads blog etc and it has tons of different layouts it looks really really incredible and I do have a full tutorial on this same theme again in the description below I know I'm amazing I have a lot of tutorials on basically all things WordPress I mean look at that login form that's a clean login form yeah that's actually much nicer than Facebook's but that's an example of what you'll get with this theme so be sure to check out the Gecko theme bye peeps oh and I do have a discount for you for this theme or I think the plug-in in the description below I'll contact the owner not sure sure I think it's 20% off I'll leave that in the description below

Oshine theme

the Oh shine theme and I've actually always called this the on shine theme so to the developer I'm very sorry now this is another drag-and-drop builder and it comes with just a lot of just like I guess you want to say they have this elegant look so let's say for existence you're building a fashion website for some girl who thinks she's like a celebrity on Instagram or one of those chicks this is great no this is great for them because it has a lot of these high end looks right here so right here you can just take a look at the designs and kind of get a feel of their templates now this page builder is very easy to learn as well so let me go ahead and scroll down past these demos where everyone thinks they're high class and this is an example of the page builder.

so it's a drag-and-drop page builder and if you want to know does this support header and footer or custom header and footers the answer is yes now this is called the I think it's the I want to say the Tatsu builder the Tatsu is that right the Tatsu bill oh yeah tattoo builder I've used this on maybe two websites and I just found that it was really clean and easy I mean you can just take a look for yourself right here everything's visual you can see what you're doing and this does have a header and footer builder now that is in beta at the time of making this video but I think as time goes on it will actually be fully stable and if you're watching this from a few months from now it'll be a hundred percent stable so make sure to check out the Oh shine theme another great drag-and-drop builder.

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