9 uses you can give your old smartphone

Everyone likes brand new mobile, but it is not necessary to leave the old smartphone in the bottom of the drawer forever as it can have other very interesting uses. If none of them convince you, you can always donate it to an NGO for a good cause.

Media player

Your old smartphone still has an internal memory, and perhaps also external (microSD), which you can fill with music files. In fact, if you have 4, 8, or 16 GB of internal capacity you can convert it without problems into a portable mp3.

External memory

It is used similar to the previous one. In this case, you can use your old smartphone as a memory stick to save whatever you want: word documents, movies, videos, etc., and in this way, you will not consume the battery of your main smartphone.

Portable GPS

One of the most useful uses you can give your other smartphone is to turn it into a portable GPS, either to avoid getting lost with your car or as a map to guide you around the city. In both cases, they only need to install one of the many apps on the market that do not need an internet connection, because they store the maps in the local memory of the mobile.

Remote control of your TV

This is another of the most curious uses. If your mobile has an IrDA infrared sensor and you run out of batteries in the TV remote or it breaks down, you can use your mobile as a remote control by downloading a simple free app. In fact, this will work for almost any remote control appliance, like air conditioning splits, home cinemas, etc.

Additional webcam

You can use your old smartphone as a webcam. It could be used, for example, to monitor the baby's sleep through various applications that are on the market. In this case, your old mobile will capture the images and sound in the child's room, and you can monitor it from your new smartphone. You can also use it, for example, to control the entry of intruders into your house.

Your child's first mobile

Always with the appropriate parental control, you can install games and educational applications so that your child can play with greater peace of mind than if he did it with your newly released smartphone.

Device for runners

Many times running fans or gym addicts do not find it safe or comfortable to carry their new smartphone. In this case, you could use an old mobile, download the same training apps that you use regularly, and avoid risking your new terminal.

For testing

If you like messing around with apps and other programs, testing versions of operating systems, and you want to do it calmly and without fear of damaging your newly released mobile, you can always use an old smartphone for these purposes.


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