5 cybersecurity tips to protect your personal data

The financial sector is the one that receives the most cyberattacks, 21% of the total according to a Marsh report

Next November 30 is the International Cybersecurity Day, which aims to raise awareness about the risks that exist in the digital field. Despite the treatment of confidential information and the new regulatory requirements, cyberattacks have increased in the last two years in Spain. The financial sector has been the one that has received the most cyberattacks: 21% of the total, according to the report by the risk consultancy Marsh.

Financial entities have rigorous procedures to avoid cyber-attacks; But throughout this last year, companies have resorted to teleworking to maintain their activity and to ensure the health of their employees due to the pandemic; a new scenario that has raised doubts about the vulnerability of the data. From January to October, the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) has reported 1,106 personal data security breaches, 1.75% more than in the same period last year.

The increase in data theft has occurred at a stage marked by job changes and the advance in the use of applications. There is also great ignorance about the use made of the stolen information, which could range from identity theft to access to our money. In ladeep web, which encompasses all the web pages that are outside the traditional search engines and that make up more than 90% of the entire internet, files containing millions of names, emails, email accounts and even passwords are sold daily.

Business apps and personal social networks are also targets of cyberattacks. Technological errors together with the content provided by users destabilize computer security and allow access to confidential information

Recklessness in social media

Despite the various security methods, on a personal level, social networks are one of the platforms that most encourage users to show their data and this is where people commit the most recklessness.

Miguel Angel Fajardo, Chief Technology Officer of Ninety Nine, assures that “social networks in themselves are highly developed and very secure, but it all depends on how people use it. Most of the time it consists of having common sense, but social networks have emerged recently and there are many people who are not aware of what they are doing Putting my ID on Twitter is as if I go down the street with my wallet in my hand offering it to people. Nobody would think of it, but there are people who do that on the internet ”.

From the neobrokerNinety Ninedan 5 recommendations to make data theft more difficult:

  • Use only our personal devices and pay special attention when we use those of third parties.

  • Don't connect to unknown wifi.

  • Review the terms and conditions of a platform before using it.

  • Before opening an email check that it corresponds to a safe source.

  • Install a password manager so as not to use the same password on different media. It is important to use two-step authentication so that, in the event of theft, we can prevent access to the rest of the information.

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