Solve your problems in Windows by resetting the system

Most users choose to use Windows as the primary operating system on their computers, and there are many reasons for this. We say this because over the years this has been a project that has grown and evolved to become a safe and reliable software, at least almost always.

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Of course, it is not a perfect operating system, for now, that is something that does not exist. To all this, we must add that more than 1 billion computers, with their corresponding configurations, now work with Windows 10. Those are many different combinations so that compatibility problems do not occur from time to time.

But when working with our team, it is not only about managing and controlling Windows, but also all the applications that we install. These, in most cases, also make changes to the system to adapt and improve its operation. If we add all this, together with the failures, for example, in the updates that Microsoft itself sends, Windows may fail more than we would like. There are several measures that we can take when problems and failures begin in Windows, for example resetting the system completely.

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This is a function that we find in the Settings application, specifically in the Update and security / Recovery section. Here we have the possibility to completely reset Windows and all its applications, but keeping our personal data. The second option is to eliminate everything, a more radical but sometimes more effective solution. That is why we are going to talk to you about some of the reasons why we can make the decision to carry out this movement.

Windows 10 crashes every so often

Sometimes and suddenly, we may notice that the system freezes or hangs from time to time and for no apparent reason. The reasons for this can be myriad, from a faulty update to incompatibility, to driver failure, etc. Therefore, a Windows reset will sometimes take us less time than trying to locate the cause of these blocks.

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System operation is too slow

Another reason for Windows wear and tear can be a slow and tedious operation, without actually crashing. This is something that can be just as exasperating, especially if we spend a good amount of hours in front of the PC. That is why taking the measure of what we talk about, even if it takes us a while, surely in the long run we will appreciate it.

There is a virus that we cannot eliminate

There can also be the unpleasant assumption that we have been the victims of an attack with some type of malware that affects the system, or the saved data. The worst thing about all this is that sometimes not even the best and most up-to-date antivirus can remove it, or at least we can't completely do it. Therefore, if necessary, a total system reset may be the best solution of all.

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For preventive maintenance tasks

Finally, we will tell you that it is not necessary for any disaster to occur for us to do a Windows reset. We can impose this on ourselves as a periodic task every several months in order to have a like-new Windows at all times.

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