Do you think your SD card is damaged? So you can find out

SD (Secure Digital) cards are one of the most widespread storage formats in recent times. They are used in most of today's electronic devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, cameras, or game consoles. Almost all models of these devices have a slot to insert this type of card in any of its formats.

Despite the fact that they are very robust devices, it is true that they are not eternal elements. Precisely for this reason, if we do not want to lose the data that we have been storing, it is advisable to make good use of them, because a serious error can make the card useless forever.

Thus, the primary proposal we give you is to purchase a card reasonable for your requirements, since it isn't the equivalent to utilize it in a camera on a one-off basis than to use it to record 4K video on a recurring basis. Usually, they usually report some symptoms that can help us detect that they are degrading. Along these lines, we can foresee and make a reinforcement of our data so as not to lose it.

Symptoms that something is wrong

One of the main indications that foresee that our SD is arriving at the finish of its life cycle is, in actuality, that it starts to give arbitrary read or potentially compose disappointments. In this case, we would be facing a slight breakdown, so if we can still access the files, it is advisable to copy them to another device, to avoid their total loss in the event of a permanent breakdown.

Another sign that our card could be very nearly demise could be that our gadget doesn't remember it. In the event that the harm isn't not kidding, this may happen now and again and not ceaselessly. Prior to expecting that it is harmed, it is prudent to do a few verifies whether the flaw is true with the card. In everything, we strongly recommend making a backup copy of the data before starting any type of verification.

Basic checks

The first thing we must do (and although it seems too obvious) is to extract the card and check that it was inserted correctly.

It is additionally imperative to kill the gadget in which we have embedded the card, eliminate it, and supplement it once more. At that point, we turn on the gadget once more. In the event that playing out this sort of check there are times that it remembers it and others that it doesn't, it is an obvious sign that the card is harmed or harmed. For this situation, attempt to make a reinforcement of the documents and change them to another capacity gadget at the earliest opportunity.

Another evidence that indicates a fault is that although our device (a camera, for example) does not recognize it, when it is inserted into a PC it is recognized but you cannot access the files it contains.

System error

In spite of the fact that the SD cards are not set up to report inner mistakes, one of the characteristic manifestations that they are not in ideal condition is that the gadget where we have inserted it reports a "system error" or similar. The wellspring of such a blunder is never determined, particularly on more established gadgets.

In most modern devices, the error that is displayed usually refers to the "storage". Now and again, it will even show a mistake in "perusing as well as stating" or it will straightforwardly show us a disappointment symbol.

Advanced checks

In the event that the PC recognizes the card, but gives us an error when reading or writing files (or directly does not show them) we have to enter"My PC" or "My PC", contingent upon the rendition of Windows that we have introduced. 1. Once inside, we right-click on the symbol of the card unit that we have embedded

2. In the spring up the menu, we select "properties". 3.In the window that opens, we should go to devices and afterward click on "check"

If the dialog that is displayed tells us that "the card is blocked", we must remove the card and move the tab located on the side. This tab bolts or opens the card against composing. In the event that the card was opened yet doesn't show any records:

  • Enter the card's root folder from the PC

  • On the notification bar click on "folder options"

  • Select the "view" tab

  • Click on "show hidden files, folders and drives"

How to fix the fault

On the off chance that we are certain that the flaw is with our capacity gadget, there are several ways to recover the data, although they do not always work. What's more, it is that on the off chance that it is an intense disappointment, it will be difficult to recuperate it.

To try to recover the data without the need for specific software or applications, we can use Windows tools. Normally all these cards have hidden files to guarantee the operation of this card, if there is no file it is a clear indicator of failure.

In case the files on our card are damaged we can try to repair them using the Windows file repair tool. To do this, once we have it entered into our PC, we will go to the start bar and type "command prompt" or "CMD" to open the command console.

  • Once inside we compose the accompanying order: SFC/SCANNOW

  • We press the Enter key

  • A sweep of the documents will start and if fundamental they will be fixed.

On the off chance that the record harm is minor, this component can fix it and permit us to get to the put-away information. If, on the other hand, we cannot recover our files in this way, we can look for a dedicated repair application, although not all of them are completely safe, and also, they are paid.

What if it's not the card?

By and large, when these kinds of mistakes are distinguished, we ordinarily trait them straightforwardly to the card, however, we should not disregard that the blunder could likewise be from the gadget's own peruser. For this situation, we suggest embeddings the card into another gadget for testing or utilizing a card peruser. .If one or more devices recognize the card without a problem, we must check the operation of the electronic device in question.

It is better to prevent…

In general, to avoid degradation and breakdowns, we recommend making good use of them.

  • Try not to eliminate it from the PC without shooting it securely

  • Avoid removing it from the device without turning it off first

  • Never turn off or restart the PC with the card inserted

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