Weight Loss Tips For Obese People

Yo, what is up if you're extremely overweight and want to learn how I lost overnight, any pounds and I, how I help my clients to have this transformation, then you're going to want to stick to the end of this article. If you struggle with weight loss, be sure to subscribe to this website because this website is all about health and technology, fitness, and weight loss.

When I first started my weight loss journey, it was really hard to get it going. You see, every time I would start, I would always fail my diet. I have always skipped the gym date and I always feel lazy to go. And I felt like the harder I would try, the worst I would get. And the worse I would feel about myself because every time I feel my diet, my confidence just went down and down and down, it came to a point where I just lost hope now to start with tip number one is that when I started my weight loss journey, 

I was too busy focusing on adding new things on a broken foundation. I had a lot of bad habits. So I had to unwire and those bad habits, such as overcoming sugar addiction, overcoming binge eating, understanding my emotions, and how I cope with my emotions. These were habits. I had to recognize that I had and I had to undo it. So before I start working out like crazy, before I start a perfect diet is going to be hard to stay consistent.

When I haven't learned what were my bad habits. And for me up until I learned my bad habits and I actually made a Content about overcoming my sugar addiction right here. And another video about overcoming binge eating. If you want to see that later on, I'll just leave a card right here so you can click on it later. Let's continue.

I used to beat myself up all the time for not staying consistent with a diet and for missing gym days. Once I took the time and started to look back on my life and recognize my pattern, or when I start to binge eat, when I start to crave sugars and what I would eat whenever I feel sad or depressed, it was easier to learn more about myself and on top of that, how to find a solution to fix my problem. Now,

the thing that I did was I actually set up a whole day and wrote down everything about my past, what led me to eat certain things, what I like about it. And then I know when those situations arise, I need to find other things that will help me replace that craving without getting a drawback. Once you figure out what bad habits you have, that's told you about from having a perfect diet, and from being lazy to go into the gym, then it's easier to stay consistent with your diet and see results on the scale.

Tip number two, you got to find
your why this is really serious because if you don't have a strong, compelling reason why you don't want to lose weight, it's going to be very, very hard to stay consistent and to stick to your diet. The thing is, what I've learned is that the way the mind work is that it only sticks to doing things when it has a strong reason, LeBron James goes and wins in the finals.

Especially this year 2020, it was a lot of reason for him to win the final. Because number one, it will hold his legacy. 

Like you hear the fascinating story where a child has stuck underneath a car tire and a mother forcibly lift a car up just to get her child up. I want to be able to take my shirt off on the beach. It felt like I was living in a personal jail cell and I don't want to go through that anymore.

The reason why she was able to do that is that her purpose of raising that child was so strong that it gave her superhuman strength. When you find your strong reasons why you want to lose weight is going to help you through the rough times. As for me, my strong reasons why I wanted to lose weight was this.

I just started my twenties and I could see my youth slowly dying. Everyone always talks about how they're having fun. They're going out. And they're having fun events. I was doing the same thing, but I felt like I wasn't at my full potential.

And I was always tired of feeling embarrassed when I go out because I was always the big guy and I hated being called the big guy. And on top of that, I didn't recognize myself gaining so much weight that I was starting to have to wear sweat pants only. Like I honestly could not wear normal clothes anymore.

And that got to me. I also wanted to prove to myself that I actually can accomplish this, that I care about my health and I don't want to die and be in my death bed just because of my weight. I want to enjoy my youth.

I want to be the person that I envisioned myself to be. I felt like being overweight has put me in a box and live on myself. Number one, my image is portrayed as being the big guy. I want to skydive. I want to hike.

It was these reasons that led me to go to gyms where I didn't feel like going to stick to my diet when I wanted to eat a cheesecake. And I love cheesecakes. If you resonate with what I'm saying to start making this a growing community so that we can support one another in our weight loss journey, write a comment right now, sharing your the reason why you want to lose weight because I'm aware that sometimes we might be the only big one in our environment, and we need that support.

So might as well just do it here
on the website. Tip number three, have a vision of where you want to be and what exactly you want to way.

I wish someone told me this a few years ago, especially when I first started my weight loss journey. I had a lot of weight to lose. And when you have a lot of weight to lose, it's very hard to stay motivated and to see progress really, really quick.

If someone just needed to lose 30 pounds within two weeks, they can see progress in the mirror. However, when you're extremely overweight, it's very hard to see progress. Unless it's a couple of months, like in two weeks, when I lost 10 pounds, I still look like a whale.

So someone gave me this great advice for me to do every night before I go to sleep, what he told me was to close my eyes, vision my future vision, my weight for two minutes and see the exact numbers, what my body will look like, how exactly I'll be working out a vision, myself being lazy, but overcoming my laziness and ignoring that and going to the gym.

The more detail I can envision myself, doing things lives in day-to-day practical life, the better.

And it works because when you relive those moments in your mind, and when you live those moments in your head, when it comes to real life, you'll know exactly what to do and you'll manifest it because the fact that you lived it in your head and you already experienced it in your head for me every night,

I envisioned myself stepping on the scale and seeing 180 pounds and seeing myself running the full Ironman marathon. And on top of that, if I just want to focus on my small goals and make sure I achieve my small goals, like if I want to lose two pounds, then I'll close my eyes and envision myself losing two pounds. I would envision the scale and see where the number supposed to be.

Tip number four, keep promises to yourself and do not break them.

The reason why you want to keep promises to yourself is that that's what boosts your self-esteem and belief. The reason why I will lose hope in my diet is that I'll always fail at it. And that is the thing that makes me lose belief in losing weight and find it very hard. When I started showing up for the days, I was supposed to attend the gym and eat the meals I was supposed to eat and find a replacement for my sugar cravings.

My self-esteem went through the roof. I want you to learn and realize that you don't have to be born with high self-esteem. Self-esteem is made hence self-esteem. And the more promises you can keep to yourself, the more you will believe in yourself. And the way I see it is when it comes to weight loss, it's usually you versus your cravings, your emotions. Now, if you learn not to give your excuses, permission and actually show up for the things you said you were going to do, you are going to lose weight.

You are going to feel happy. You are going to feel good about yourself. You are going to feel like you're living life because the things you're doing and the effort you're putting in tells your brain that you care about yourself and you hold yourself to high standards.

What I did was start keeping small promises to myself and worked my way up, like anything. This is a skill you have to build, and it can be developed where I used to fail it. And I see so many people fail it as well, is that they make this big, large promises. They know they can keep and they fell out of it. 

However, when it comes to action-based goals, start making promises that you can keep for me. When I first started working out, my main thing was that I am going to show up to the gym for the days I'm supposed to show up. That's it. I don't need to finish my workout.

I just want to show up because I know before I hated going to the gym, but now I'm going to force myself to show up and find a way to love going to the gym. And I did that for 60 days, straight after 60 days, I started enjoying, going to the gym. I find it part of my daily habit. It came to a point, well, I had to go to the gym or else it wasn't normal.

The thing is when you want to start something new at first, it's really hard. But over two weeks to four weeks, it becomes easier and easier. And that's when you don't need motivation anymore. To continue to do the thing that you want to do the last and fifth tip cut off and replace processed food with whole foods and just start exercising.

The thing is when I was 330 pounds, all I needed to do was to move my body and eat whole foods. And naturally, I'll just start losing weight. I didn't even have to worry about the number of calories I was eating because I was so big, no matter what, the number of calories I was eating with healthy food was nowhere compared to the number of calories I was eating with processed foods.

This is something worth fighting for. I understand you're having a hard time sticking to a perfect diet, but this is where you go back to all five tips, especially with the first tip, learn your bad habits and find ways to replace the processed food that you love.

Eating. This is not going to be fixed overnight. It's going to take a while, especially you have to learn a lot by yourself. This weight loss journey is more than weight loss. It's a journey of learning about yourself. And for me, what I've learned is that the reason why I was so big, it was my body warning me and told me, Hey, you're doing something wrong and you could physically see yourself getting sick.

Whereas a person that's an alcoholic or smoking. They can't see their organs, but for us being obese, when we're eating food, we just get bigger.

And the reason why we're at this stage is that there are learning lessons. We need to learn about ourselves so that we can overcome, adapt, and thrive in our weight loss and in life.

And if you don't know what foods to eat for your weight loss, be sure to watch the free guide of my top eight fat-burning foods that will help accelerate your weight loss.
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