Edit your photos easily without programs, using only Google Chrome

Photo processing is something that has become common for most users in these times. For this, we use specific programs that help us in all this, although we can use other systems. This is the case at hand in these lines since we are going to do this but through Google Chrome.

And it is necessary to bear in mind that at the moment we have a wide range of possibilities when it comes to this sector of web browsers. The main reason for this is that they are becoming widely used programs in all areas. Due to its increasing importance, users are demanding more and more from their developers, not just that they are fast and efficient.

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It is worth mentioning that with the passage of time its functionality has increased considerably. But not always everyone is satisfied with everything they offer us. This is something that affects even the best-known proposal in all and used worldwide in this sector, Chrome. Therefore, despite all the functionality that these programs present to us by default, we also tend to use the extensions that make them more useful. In fact, in these same lines, we are going to talk about some of these elements that may be more than interesting.

In particular, we want to talk about some of these extensions that you can install in the aforementioned Chrome browser, and that will help you when editing photos. Keep in mind that the computer is usually the usual place where we keep all our photos and videos.

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Chrome extensions to edit photos easily

Whether they are photographs taken with our mobile or with a camera, the most normal thing is that they end up being stored on the PC's hard drive in different folders. But over time, it may be the case that we want to share them with others or assemble our albums, for example. Therefore, with the help of a program, we can carry out editing work on them in order to obtain the appropriate results.

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However, this is something that we can also carry out from the browser that we are commenting on. This is precisely the case that we will talk about next. Specifically, or we are going to show a series of extensions for Google Chrome that will serve you for these editing tasks that we will discuss.

PhotoStudio photo editor for images

We are going to start with a solution that we integrate into Chrome to edit photos and modify any image we need. Here we will find a multitude of functions for editing photos, as well as a good number of effects and filters. This will allow us, from the browser itself, to adapt the images to our tastes or needs. At the same time, we can use custom filters to create lighting effects among many other things.

Picture editor

When we talk about photo editing, we are actually talking about a term that refers to the manipulation of an image. Therefore with this other Chrome extension, we can obtain very good results in this regard to adapt our images to what we need at all times.

PaintMagick image editor for photos

We can also use PaintMagick to edit photos using the Google web browser. Here we find an extension that acts as an image editor with advanced functions, as well as various effects and filters. Say that the plugin allows you to edit images directly in the browser in addition to creating images or pasting these from the clipboard. It has support for the main formats of the sector such as PNG, JPG, BMP, WEBP, or GIF. At the same time, it offers us common tasks in this regard, such as cropping, resizing, rotating, correcting color, brightness, and contrast, etc.

Image editor

On the other hand, we find this extension to edit photos quickly from Chrome. It is compatible with the most popular photo formats such as JPG, PNG, or GIF and allows to carry out all kinds of tasks related to editing. Also, once we finish editing the photos, we can show them in a personalized gallery directly from here. At the same time, we can add rounded corners, change the brightness of the images, modify the contrast, or add filters.

Photo Editor

Here we find another powerful extension to edit any image that we find, for example when browsing the Internet. To do this, we just have to right-click on it to access this add-on from Chrome. It allows us to edit any photo directly from the contextual menu of the program to access its multiple functions.

Easy Online Image / Photo Editor

Thanks to this other complement we can edit photos in a simple way. We find a powerful tool to edit photos or create logos in a few steps. As you can imagine, for this we do not need to download any software on the PC, since we do all this from Chrome itself. We can also use it by entering the URL of the image as such or uploading it to the extension. We will have functions such as cropping, rotating, coloring, or merging, all from a single interface.

Photo editor in Google Chrome

As its name indicates, thanks to this extension we can edit our photos and improve them quickly to share or save them. It includes some of the most common functions for all this, such as modifying the brightness of the images, changing the contrast, adding filters, etc.

Polarr Photo Editor

Thanks to this other Chrome extension that we propose, we will have the possibility to edit any photo with a single mouse click. Here we talk about the Chrome extension of Polarr Photo Editor for these tasks that we comment on. In this way, from an icon that is generated in the Chrome browser, we can use Polarr Photo Editor online directly. In addition, a button is added to the context menu for when we right-click on an image.

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