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How to download an audio from WhatsApp

The best methods to access and download WhatsApp audios with your mobile

Next, we show you how to download audio from WhatsApp with your mobile, either iOS or Android. And it is that the instant messaging application WhatsApp, now owned by Facebook, is one of the most popular apps for day-to-day communications since it allows anyone in the world to connect with another through direct messages, video calls, calls, or audios voice.

How to download an audio from WhatsApp

And voice audios or voice notes are precisely one of the most used resources among WhatsApp users, a fast and comfortable way to send a message without having to be typing with the touch keyboard and just talking while pressing the record button. But how can you access these voice audios? Can they be downloaded? Let's see how to download WhatsApp voice audios on iOS and Android mobiles.

How to download voice notes from WhatsApp
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And it is that beyond the speed and immediacy that WhatsApp voice messages provide (for not having to waste time writing each word, especially if it is long messages), listening to a friendly voice can be comforting on many occasions. Therefore, it is very useful to know how to download WhatsApp voice audios to preserve them, either for sentimental reasons or simply because we want to keep that spoken information for later use.

In addition, we also offer you the solution to convert WhatsApp audio messages into text, in order to have a format that supports the audio if you have to use it as proof of something. Learn how to download and save WhatsApp audios on your iOS or Android mobile:

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How to download voice audio on iPhone (iOS)

Follow the steps below to download WhatsApp audios on iPhone (iOS):

1. Access WhatsApp.

2. Find the chat where the audio you want to download is located and access the conversation.

3. Keep pressing on the audio you want to download until the option Forward appears; press that option.

4. Now click on the Share option located in the lower right corner of the screen.

5. Now select the destination application where you want to copy said WhatsApp audio, such as Notes or in iCloud, for example.

There is another alternative to save WhatsApp audios on iPhone; follow the previous steps although instead of selecting Forward, you can click on the More option. Then you will have to click on Save and the voice memo will automatically be saved on your device; that easy.

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How to download voice audio on Android

Follow the steps below to download WhatsApp audios on Android:

1. The first step is to check if your mobile has the File Explorer application pre-installed; In many Android mobiles, it already comes standard, although in others it will be necessary to download a file explorer. If you don't have it on your mobile, go to Google Play and download an app of this type; There are many, although we recommend Cx File Explorer or File Manager, to give a couple of examples.

2. Access the File Explorer app and look for the WhatsApp folder, either in the internal storage of the mobile or in the storage expansion SD card.

3. Inside the WhatsApp, folder click on the Media folder, and inside click on WhatsApp Voice.

4. You will access the folder where all the WhatsApp audios are located; now you can listen to them, copy them, download them to your PC, or whatever you consider.
In one way or another, depending on the operating system of your mobile, you can now download, copy, send, share and even delete the WhatsApp audios stored on your terminal.

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