The new XBOX Series X units are on the way: How to buy and reserve

Microsoft has announced that they are working on the production of millions of XBOX units to meet the incipient demand

Good news for video game lovers. Microsoft will launch in 2021 million units of XBOX Series X to meet user demand. The company works on an important future for XBOX in the coming years.

Many people have wondered in recent weeks where to buy XBOX Series X. But the truth is that all XBOX Series X copies were sold out on November 19. Currently, there is no ‘stock’ in-store, but Microsoft has already advanced that the first objective of 2021 is to launch new units for sale to the public.

To reserve XBOX Series X, it is best to do it through establishments and sales areas, both physically and online. It is a way to ensure the acquisition of the game console when Microsoft launches new copies to the market. You can reserve XBOX Series X at Amazon, GAME, Media Market, or Carrefour.

Microsoft works on the production of new XBOX Series X

Phil Spencer, executive vice president of Gaming at Microsoft, one of the visible heads in the direction of XBOX has participated in the official XBOX podcast with Larry Hryb. In an entertaining interview, he has broken down all the company's plans regarding its main game console in the coming years.

One of the issues that most concerns users are when they will be able to purchase the XBOX Series X, which is sold out all over the world. In this sense, Phil Spencer has announced that Microsoft is working hard in this regard.

He himself has assured that he has contacted the production chains. Microsoft wants to meet the significant demand for XBOX, but it all depends on the speed of manufacturing the units. As Spencer has confessed, limited production is directly related to the socio-economic consequences of Covid-19.

What he has made clear is that in 2021 there will be new XBOX Series X units available for those who have already reserved the game console, and for those who wish to buy it. In addition, among the objectives of the company stands out the production of incredible video games to continue making quality leaps.

On the other hand, in the aforementioned podcast, Phil Spencer comments on Microsoft's future plans with respect to XBOX. Future plans include the next ten years. Technology advances at a dizzying pace and the company wants to exploit the possibilities of video games to the maximum.

The companies that produce video consoles, such as SONY or Microsoft, are constantly regenerating. PS5 and XBOX Series X are the new and modern consoles on the market. However, both tech companies are already working on improved versions.

In the case of XBOX, it is obvious. Microsoft has already registered the name XBOX Series XS, a fact that has aroused the enthusiasm of all lovers of this game console. It could be an improved and unified version of the last two editions of the company: XBOX Series X and XBOX Series S. Perhaps it is simply a patent to reinforce the brand.

Movements will have to wait, but Microsoft does not rest. Thus, has assured Phil Spencer, who has admitted that he is aware of the high demand and asks users for patience: “We are working as hard as we can. The group is unfathomably dedicated, so we like the persistence of the players as we fabricate more.

SONY prepares 18 million PS5

The great competition, SONY, has also announced important movements for 2021. And it is that all the PS5 units were also sold out within hours after its launch in Spain on November 19.

In the last hours, SONY has announced that it will distribute some 18 million units of PS5 in 2021 to satisfy the incredible demand. To reserve PS5 you must do it through channels such as Amazon. GAME.

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