SONY to release 18 million PS5s in 2021

The company has confirmed that it will produce millions of PS5 units to meet the growing demand around the world.

The launch of PS5 has been historic in all countries of the world. In the first countries, it arrived on November 12, while in Spain the new SONY console went on sale on November 19, 2020. Practically hours after its launch, the PlayStation 5 units were sold out worldwide.

According to the company's estimates, in 12 hours as many PS5s as PS4 was sold in 12 days. SONY has been truly overwhelmed by the demand for its innovative game console, which among other things stands out for being the fastest in the history of the company.

Despite the depletion of "stock" of PS5 in all establishments and places "online" of sale. SONY wanted to increase its production for Christmas, although the company's forecasts have not been fulfilled.

The most impatient people have proceeded to reserve a copy in the main PS5 stores, such as Amazon, GAME, Media Markt, and Carrefour. It is the most effective way to guarantee the acquisition of the console once SONY makes a new distribution.

To date, SONY has distributed a total of 3.4 million PS5s worldwide. This is a historic game that has been sold out in record time. Thus, given the high user demand, SONY plans to produce between 17 and 18 million PS5s throughout the year 2021, which it will distribute for sale.

Where can I buy PS5?

There are different establishments that are the most reliable when it comes to acquiring PS5. Do not get carried away by strange Internet pages, as you could suffer a scam. As of January 4, there are no available PS5 units in 'stock'.

By 2021, SONY has already announced that it will release some 18 million PS5 units. The first copies that are on sale again will fall into the hands of those users who have already reserved their PlayStation 5 in advance.

Thus, at present, you cannot buy the PS5 at any point of sale. However, you can go ahead and reserve your console now in establishments such as Amazon, GAME, El Corte Inglés, Media Markt, and Carrefour. It's the surest way to never be without your PS5 again.

Of course, PS5 lovers should continue to have a little patience. SONY has already confirmed that it will launch millions of units during 2021. Estimates point to the end of February or the beginning of March, although they could even be anticipated.

A futuristic console

SONY's new console is a breakthrough in technology. In addition, its appearance is futuristic and is larger in size than previous PlayStation editions. The disc slot stands out in black color on the white front of the PS5. However, SONY has created two versions of PS5: One totally digital, without disc slot, and the other in a traditional way, with the possibility to insert game discs; plus digital options.

PS5 will border on realism since the graphics of the console have experienced a significant quality leap compared to PS4. And it is that it has the last-generation technology that allows the creating of shadows and reflections in the different titles of the console.

One of the most striking aspects of PlayStation 5 is its speed. It's already the fastest game console ever made by SONY, with an ultra-high-speed SSD. Game processing and loading times have been kept to a minimum.

We are talking about a data processing speed about "a hundred times faster" than PS4, according to SONY. Additionally, the new PS5 game controller features haptic technology and adaptive triggers; which will integrate the possibility of playing 3D audio.

For aspects like these, PS5 has become one of the most demanded consoles in history, breaking the record in the time of exhaustion after its launch worldwide. But juice lovers, calm down, 2021 will come with millions of units of the long-awaited SONY console.

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