Which mobiles will be left without WhatsApp in 2021: How to know if it will be yours

As soon as the new year arrives, the messaging application will no longer be supported on these operating systems.

WhatsApp is the most loved application of in excess of 2 billion clients for every month to visit, send photographs, and settle on voice and video decisions. At the point when 2009 appeared, mobiles were very surprising and around 70% of cell phones available to be purchased had working frameworks offered by BlackBerry and Nokia. 

The versatile OSs offered by Google, Apple, and Microsoft that presently represent 99.5% in deals, were under 25% in deals in those days. What's more, similar to all the other things, the more established models are lingering behind in execution and capacities.

Minimum iOS 9 and Android 4.0.3

If your mobile is Android, then the minimum version you need to use WhatsApp is Android 4.0.3. To get a thought, Android 4.0.3 was dispatched 9 years back, in 2011, so if your portable, despite the fact that it is numerous years old, is in any event 8 years of age, you can at present keep utilizing WhatsApp - something else is that it is risky due to the definite that the maker no longer deliveries security patches for the terminal.

With respect to iPhones, Apple delivered iOS 9 out of 2015, 5 years prior. Also, iOS 9 or later is the least you'll require. In this manner, at any rate, you will have the option to keep utilizing WhatsApp on the accompanying iPhone models: 1. iPhone 4s 2. iPhone 5 3. iPhone 5s 4. iPhone 5c 5. iPhone 6 6. iPhone 6S Underneath these, that is, from iPhone 4 to 1, you will not, at this point have the option to keep utilizing WhatsApp. In rundown:

Compatible phones with WhatsApp in 2021

  • Those with an Android operating system 4.0.3 or later

  • iPhone with iOS 9 or later

  • Some Smartphone models with KaiOS 2.5.1 or later working framework, including JioPhone and JioPhone 2 gadgets

Instructions to know whether you can keep utilizing WhatsApp in 2021

Not sure which version of the operating system your phone runs on? Do this to find out:


Access Settings (the stuff symbol), search for a part called About Telephone or with a comparative name, and inside the Product Data segment, you will see the Android variant you have introduced.


The route in the iPhone is Settings> General> Select Information, there you will see what iOS version you have installed.

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