Why invest in technology?

Today we are living in a completely digital world. Technology has become a great factor and an important resource for companies to improve, grow and obtain great results. That is why it is vital that we understand the degree of importance it has, as well as the correct way to invest in it.

But like any step or decision we make in our professional life, when it comes time to invest in technology, doubts arise about whether we are doing the right thing. It should be made clear that, if you want to have a technology implementation in the company, this is not for a luxury or investment.

Technology in business is essential to achieve significant profits. However, once it is implemented you have to know how to take advantage of it.

Software development
Smart software has proven to take the business to the next level. The impact of new technology on business can be measured from the popularity of cloud computing. Almost 40% of companies report better agility and responsiveness after implementing a cloud computing solution. 

As many software developers know, the faces and brains of startups are highly educated people who have grown up with technology since they were able to hold a tablet in their hands and know how to discover the next great software. Millennials want to work for themselves and they want to be successful. Their investments in the technology industry, among others, have fueled an industry first: Small businesses have access to development, business software.

Interactions with customers

We have a clear example: Chatbots (programs that simulate holding a conversation). They are a hit with younger folks, with 60% of millennials. With advances in natural language processing and the rise of voice assistants, Chatbots can provide faster responses to the customer in their queries.

There is also the case of social networks that allow better interactions with customers. For example, 84% of small businesses in the US use at least one social media platform to provide information to customers. 80% of small businesses use digital technology, such as instant messaging applications, to communicate with suppliers and customers. As artificial intelligence and machine learning technology begin to mature.

What are the main reasons for investing in technology?

1. Efficiency: Advances in technology generally make things run more efficiently. This reduces mistakes made in the workplace. By having the latest technology working for you, you can handle bigger, better workloads. For example, if your business offers cleaning services and your employees are able to perform certain tasks more efficiently due to a new type of technology, they will be able to clean more locations in less time.

2. Speed: New technology generally allows things to be done more quickly. Time is money. When you can get things done faster, you can increase both your cash flow and your income.

Improvements in various technological developments tend to promote expansion in many ways. This is the reason why you should always look to get new technological advancements and then find so many ways to use all the new benefits.

Although investing in technology involves a certain amount of expense, you will generally end up saving a great deal of money over a longer period of time. Then you can use this money in many ways, including more reinvestment in your organization.

Areas en donde las empresas invierten en tecnología

It's not just about information technology. Within a company the various areas that compose it would be favored with their incorporation:

Productive areas: We are talking about investing in cutting-edge machinery that is efficient, those that have an integrated energy optimization, that are not obsolete and that allow us to produce more in less time.

Sales and Marketing: Currently there is software on the market that helps to know what the customer wants, as well as others that help customer service, optimization of delivery routes, among others.
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