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When using our computer, the use of the mouse has become an essential element to move quickly through the interface of both the system and any program or game. But beyond that, we can also take advantage of the mouse to provide it with functionalities that help us use gestures when browsing the Internet. For this, we can use a Firefox add-on called easy gestures N, which we will talk about below.

easy gestures N is a free extension for Firefox through which it provides us with intuitive and easy-to-learn gestures to navigate the Internet through a highly customizable circular menu. This add-on was born from version 4.3.2 of the easy gestures extension created by Ons Besbes, who kept it active until Firefox 4. It has a similar interface, although the features are quite different in this new version.

easy gestures N, navigate easily using gestures

To start discovering everything we can do with this extension for Firefox, the first thing we must do is install it in our browser. To do this, click on this link to access the Mozilla Add-ons page and click on the "Add to Firefox" button. Next, a poster will appear informing us that to add this add-on it will be necessary for us to grant you permission to access your data from all websites, browser tabs, and browser activity while browsing. We press the "Add" button.

Once we have it installed, we must press the middle button of the mouse to open the easy gestures N interface, appearing a circular menu. We must pass the mouse pointer over its different options and click with the left button to execute the different actions. The first option that we find, starting from the right, is Go up, which when pressing takes us to the top of the page. Then we find the next tab and previous tab buttons, as well as a reload button to refresh the page. Later we find the button to close the tab, previous page, new tab, and extra menu.

To access this extra menu, simply drag the mouse pointer up, and the additional options will appear: copy the page address, load the page in a new tab, pin or unpin a tab and open a new private window. We also find another menu that we can access by clicking on the right button and we find functions such as: loading the page in a new window, marking the page as a favorite, and moving to the next page.

Change the default keys in Preferences / Activation

When we install the extension, a new tab appears where they show us tips for its use every time we start Firefox. From there we can also change and configure its different functions through the Preferences / Activation menu.


This extension uses additional permissions to activate more functions such as Access your data for all websites, Read and modify bookmarks, Read and modify browser settings, Get data from the clipboard, etc. From here we can grant the permissions to perform the functions that interest us the most.


From this tab, we can configure the mouse button and the default key that opens the circular menu (left, right, central button, additional buttons) or combine it with the pressing of the Shift or Ctrl key. We can also choose the button to show the alternative menu, prevent the opening of the circular menu and activate the context menu. It is important to know that we cannot use the same key or button for different operations as this would hinder the experience. In case we make a mistake and want to give a key a function when it has already been assigned another, a sign will appear warning that the key is already in use.


We can also customize the appearance of our roulette a bit, with the possibility of choosing between the classic or dark theme or the type of menu that shows 8 or 10 actions. Regarding its visualization, it allows us to use small icons and configure the opacity of the circular menu.


From this tab it allows us to choose if we want to activate the pop-up descriptions of each roulette function, as well as the time they take to activate. We can also choose how we want to move the circular menu if pressing the Shift key or when reaching the edge of the menu. In addition, it allows us to activate or deactivate the opening of links by clicking through the center of the circular menu.


The Menus area is another significant point in the simple motions N arrangement. From here we can customize each element of this extension, as we can choose from a good number of shortcuts to configure the menu to our liking. It can also serve as a speed dial to load our favorite websites. It is ideal for configuring all the functions of the Main Menu, extra and contextual with the options that interest us the most.


From the customizations section, we can select actions to be carried out in the Menus panel. We can configure if we want to load the addresses in a new tab, in the same tab, or in a new window. We can also choose the actions to take when we execute a script or other actions, such as customizing the Open Link action or customizing the Daily Readings action.

Alternatives to easy gestures N

If we want to navigate comfortably and quickly using gestures through our mouse, we find other extensions for Firefox as an alternative to easy gestures N:


This add-on for Firefox allows us to perform gestures with our mouse to get keyboard shortcuts when browsing the Internet. It will only be necessary to move the mouse in a certain way to be able to execute actions and commands. It has more than 70 predefined commands and supports for user scripts. We can install it from here.

Foxy gestures

This add-on for Firefox allows us to browse the Internet by making gestures with our mouse with a wide range of functions. It incorporates configurable gestures, script commands that can be provided by the user, as well as support for diagonal gestures. We can install this plugin from this link.

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