Windows 10 21H1: all the features that the new operating system update will bring

We already know what the next big update to Windows 10 is called, and its main features.

We will have changes related to the release of updates for Windows 10 in 2021, because although in recent years we have had two important updates throughout the year, the spring and the fall, next year there is a slight change in this regard...

Although we had become accustomed to receiving the great update of Windows 10 for spring, as it happened with the May 2020 update, those of Redmond have confirmed that the next update will be of functions and will arrive in early 2021 under the name Windows 10 21H1. This means that it is a minor update, focused on different functions but where we will not see great news, which will supposedly arrive in the October 2021 update.

In any case, Microsoft could focus on concluding the development of Windows 10X by 2021, which could end up ruling out the big updates for our Windows 10 until 2022.

In a new support document, Microsoft has confirmed that the next update is Windows 10 21H1, highlighting support for Transportation Layer Security (TLS) 1.3. This is a new security layer that will reduce latency, improve the performance and security of web connections made through the operating system.

On the other hand, this new version 21H1 will add a dark mode to the search results pages in Windows, and in the same way, DNS over HTTPS (DoH) will be offered to Windows 10 to offer greater privacy and security. This last feature will be disabled by default in Windows 10, but it could be configured through the networks tab in settings, even enabling it directly in browsers.

Microsoft will begin testing Windows 10 21H1 build 19043 on the insider channel between January and February 2021, and it is expected that it will reach the first stable version of computers by May.

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