How to buy the PS5 in GAME: New pre-orders available

The video game store GAME launches from today January 8 a microsite to reserve and buy the Sony PlayStation 5 console

The holidays are over and with them, the chances of having received a PS5 under the Christmas tree as a gift. Thousands of people have tried everything to buy the long-awaited PS5 console. However, as we have been warning, there is less left for the large stores to have stock again and we have great news.

The popular GAME store and I think that together with AMAZON, the most visited to buy the PlayStation 5, has announced that they are launching a microsite from today to be able to reserve a PS5 and be among the first to receive them in the restock.

The company's Twitter, announced yesterday that starting the night of January 8 at 00:00, you could access the MICROSITE to have access to new future PS5 reservations. In this way, they will be able to organize future reservations and shipments of the console for the first ones to do so.

It should be remembered that you take a look at this link, to verify that AMAZON has stock again. Otherwise, leave your email in the notices section of the product sheet itself, in this way you will be among the first to be notified.

Steps to reserve the PS5 in GAME

Through this link, you will access a landing where you can register to access new PS5 reservations in progressive order, by pressing the I WANT TO JOIN! Button:

You will have to be a GAME member and not have purchased the Console before, since for GAME the most important thing is our GAMEr community, that the product reaches however many accomplices as would be prudent and in this manner, we have confined the buy to one unit for each part.

Once you click on the I WANT TO JOIN! Button, the system will obligatorily ask you to log into through a pop-up window. They recommend that you log in and have the password saved in the browser before the process is launched so that you can do it in the best possible way.

Once you have logged in, your email will be added to a blank field on the Landing itself that has a "SEND" button. You must press this button "SEND"

When you press the "SEND" button, a registration confirmation will be sent to the email. It is essential that you confirm this e-mail. This e-mail should not be delayed for more than 48 hours, but if after this time you have not received it, they recommend waiting at least 72 hours since it is an article in high demand.

In the affirmation email, you will have an "Indeed, I WANT TO SIGN UP" button. When you press it you will be enrolled to get to the new PS5 reservations.

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